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UV Curing Ink
Product Introduction and Specification:

Led UV Curing Ink for Epson Printhead

1.Printing directly on fabric, timber, glass, tile, metal, PVC foam, density board, KT board,

suction plastic board, aluminum plastic slice and plastic board

2.Low smell, vivid color, fine liquidity, high UV resistant

3.Particle size 0.2um

4.Can use in Epson DX4/DX5/DX6 printheads

5.The wave length for our  UV led ink is ±395nm

UV Curing Ink For Epson, Konica Printhead

(1) Truly environment-friendly.
(2) Vibrant, bright colors and wide color gamut.
(3) Two-years outdoor durability without any coating.
(4) For all printers equipped with EPSON, Konica Printheads.
(5) High evaluation throughout the world.
(6) Replace original ink completely,no need to chang ICC profile.
(7) 18 moths outdoor durability without any coating.
(8) For all printer sequipped with EPSON, Konica Printheads.
(9) Broader subatrate adadptation.
(10) Fast drying,Superior scratch resistance.
(11) High resolution prints.

Ink Tape : UV Curing Ink

Product Parameter :

UV Curing Ink Description:

1.High color density
2.Wide color gamut
3.Instant drying
4.Excellent adhesion to both coated and uncoated media
5.VOC free and environmental friendly
6.Superior scratch and alcohol-resistance
7.More than 3 years outdoor durability

Refretonic LED UV Curing Ink
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